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Fresh All Natural Smoked Sardines

$2.00 – $45.00
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  • 1 Fresh Smoked Sardine - $2.00
  • 8 Fresh Smoked Sardines - $10.00
  • 40 Fresh Smoked Sardines - $45.00
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Try out our all natural fresh smoked Sardines!Sardines are great for skin and coat health, they aid in brain health (especially for growing/developing puppies and senior dogs) and they also act as an anti inflammatory.

They are rich in vitamins and minerals and
because sardines are very low on the food chain, they are very low in contaminates.

Hook up your pup with these powerhouse treats!!

Please store all of our treats in the freezer until you intend to give to your furry family member. All local orders made by Sunday morning by 5am will be delivered on our Free Delivery Sunday. Orders to be shipped, will be shipped after they are freshly smoked.