Image of Variety Pack of Fresh Smoked Sausages

Variety Pack of Fresh Smoked Sausages


Try our NEW Hand Stuffed All Natural Sausage Sticks! These irresistible sticks are made with only 5 ingredients! Our Variety Pack has two sticks of Chicken, Duck, Quail and Organ Meat Sausages!

Cut up your sausage into small bite sized treats for your pup to use for training or just give whole as a tasty snack.

These Bad Boys are Smoked to perfection and packed with lean chicken breast, turmeric for anti inflammatory properties, parsley to freshen the breath, coconut oil for skin and coat health, and carrots for eyesight, vitamin A and beta carotene!

Our Duck Sausage is made with Fresh Duck, SweetPotatoes, Blueberries, Rosemary and Coconut Oil!

Our Organ Meat Sausage is loaded with B Vitamin Packed Livers, Hearts, Kidneys, Blood and Oats.

Our Quail Sausage is loaded with Fresh Local Quail, Carrots, Peas, Coconut Oil, and Flaxseed.

These Sausage Sticks are great for all sized dogs!

Please store all of our treats in the freezer until you intend to give to your furry family member. All local orders made by Sunday morning by 5am will be delivered on our Free Delivery Sunday. Orders to be shipped, will be shipped after they are freshly smoked.